listening to: liberation.outkast

i've got color schemes in my head. i'm putting madd energy out into the universe-i will get that apartment. i can't wait to decorate my new space. my office moved to a new location this week and i now have my very own office (i got a door!) to decorate. i really want to make it reflect me, but i also want it to be peaceful. it will be my refuge when folks are workin' my nerves. ha!

i just purchased some beautiful notecards from essimar. i think i will frame them and hang them up. i love her use of color (i'm not afraid of color or bold prints) and her paper animals are pretty dope too.

so i've got color schemes in my head. wool in my hands. my eyes to the stars.



cici said...

thats the way girl... claim it!!!

TruEssence said...

Wishing you the best on getting that apartment! Have a beautiful weekend sis!:)

Si said...

I haven't been here in a while...wow. Ravelry just pointed me to your blog today so I have a lot of catching up to do! Just puttin a little positive energy out there for you before I lsy it down.