i saw an apartment today. it's a 4-plex that faces a wooded area. the owner said that they get visited by moose and even some bears (bears seem to be more and more common on my side of town). i'm very excited about that. i love my animals and i especially love nature. the apartment itself was really cute. it's a lot smaller than what i had, but i realize that i probably won't find a two bedroom apartment as big and roomy as the three bedroom i had.  plus there's nothing wrong with downsizing.  i will just have to release some stuff and that's never a bad thing.  

i was roaming etsy recently and found the perfect butterfly necklace.

it's hand-tooled leather and is made by sunny rising. please check out this sista's stuff. her flower and koi necklaces look so real. there is so much talent oozing from this woman. she also has a blog.

have a great nite.

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TruEssence said...

Good luck with the apartment! I agree it is nothing wrong with downsizing. Love the necklace!