my hands hurt. i've been knitting for the last two hours. there's a fair coming up in 3 weeks i've decided to particpate in it at the last minute. so i'm making some new stuff for it. i never feel ready for these things. even up until the few minutes the fair is open, i worry about not having enough stuff. pre-show jitters...i hate them.

anyway, the sun has been on hiatus and it really feels like we won't have a real summer. it feels like fall most days and i want to break out my scarves. but who knows, maybe our summer will start a little late and winter will be delayed? i'm just rambling. i got a lot on my brain and should probably go to bed.

my office is moving to a new space so the whole week i will be packing. we are getting friday off so the movers can come in and do their thing. my day is already planned - a massage in the morning and then the lunchtime yoga class i've been telling myself i'm going to take for months now. i may even go back to the spinning/weaving studio and buy some more roving.

well, i'm off to bed.

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