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new love = green smoothies

i realized after being apart of the soul veg community that i don't consume a lot of veggies (i'm a vegetarian). starches are the majority in my diet, so to add more veggies i've been experimenting with green smoothies. my green smoothies mainly consist of kale and some kind of fruit mix like pineapple-apple, strawberry-pineapple, banana-strawberry, mango-apple. i also add some protein powder (like spiru-tein), powdered spirulina, soy milk, and a little crushed ice. it has been SO good. it's filling too. when i drink a smoothie in the morning, i find that i don't run to the coffee stand for my regular chai tea and apple fritter. i've got a crazy sweet tooth y'all and i'm working on losing it.

i'm making it a point to buy more fresh vegetables though. i started making excuses for why i couldn't eat fresh veggies everyday and lack of money was always the excuse. but the truth is, it's really unexcusable not to eat foods that will benefit me. i just have to make a few adjustments to my budget so i can buy my yummy kale (i love my greens!) on a weekly basis.

enjoy the day!

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