yesterday, the sun came out.

my day was glorious. it was one of those days where i had a little 'pep in my step' and a smile on my face. i kept laughing! i think it was the dress. my wonderful dress that i had thrifted the night before. the best thing about this dress is that it got the attention of a woman i met in my building's cafe. the pattern reminded her of woven fabrics and from there we chatted aways. she's a weaver. she spins too! once i told her i had been working at spinning, she got really excited and offered her help. she said she believes in passing the tradition of spinning along to anybody who's willing to learn. this woman is so awesome. today she brought me enough of her own fiber stash to keep me busy for some time. i can't wait to hang out with her. she's truly a wonderful person.

that's been the most exciting part about my week. lately, i've been a little down in the dumps. i expect that to happen when one is in transition. i'm just working on getting a plan together.

but the sun is shining, the leaves are budding, and the grass is turning green. that's enough to lift my spirits.

peace & blessings.

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Tara Diane said...

I really like this picture :)