since my last post i have recovered from the cold i had, but now i'm dealing with allergies. lil miss has gotten some kind of stomach virus and has been vomitting for two days. it's been fun in the edwards household. i've managed to clean up my house a little and knit a pair of socks (for the little one). i'm hoping she gets betta before tomorrow. it's her birthday and i would love for her to be able to eat some birthday cake. she's been talking about it all week.

my herbs are growing nicely in their pots. it's been rainy and a bit cold lately, but they're striving. i will eventually plant some flowers in the front of my house.

i've been finding a lot of sewing blogs lately. i am so inspired. i don't remember if i ever mentioned it here, but i've been wanting to sew so i bought sew easy. i completed the pillow project and was really pleased with how it came out. it took me five hours and i was stressed out during that time, but i'm thankful because now i know how my machine works. next time it won't take so long. i'm ready to make clothes for me and the little one now. the next thing i'm making is headbands. my locks are growing a lot and i can never find a scarf or headband when i need one.

i'm hoping to have some pictures posted soon (been having problems with my camera). blessings.

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