last nite, i planted more seeds...parsley, cilantro, and dill. i know what i did wrong before. these babies will not die this time.

and while planting those seeds, i realized i really enjoy planting and playing in the earth.

more later.


kellz said...

dear lady buttafly,
greetings, beautiful soul! although ihaven't been posting, i have been checking out your posts. i feel ya on the TV. this may be a TV-less summer. i though i would never say this, but TV is going downhill.
any summer crafting goals/plans? i really want to get into my sewing.

holla when time permits,

Funchilde said...


I found you via your flickr profile chica. lurving where your head is at: the focus on positivity, creativity, progress, seeing with all your eyes, not just the ones above your nose. Imma be checkin' you out.


(from 43 things)

Celtic Knitter said...

planting is great fun!! This is great!
I can never get dill to grow properly for me. If you figure it out . . . let me know :)