i should be sleeping, but i'm watching block party again and knitting. i can't stop until i have my foundation rows finished. what am i working on? the loop-d-loop ribbed stole.

i was checking out the craftster forum and found a thread with finished projects from teva durham's book. i have this book and love almost everything in it, but i realized i have a little problem. i never have the guts to try the more challenging knitting patterns. looking at the finished objects on craftster inspired me to give some of the patterns a try. i'm starting with the stole first because it's the only pattern in the book i have the right yarn for.

i guess i should go to bed. i bought a card reader for my camera, but my memory card doesn't fit. *sigh* back to the store i go. after i get some rest of course.


PurlyQueen said...

Hi there,

This might sound like a silly question, but does it ever get dark in Alaska at this time of year?

lady butta.fly said...

it's not a silly question at all. it gets a little dark, especially when the sky is cloudy. but we usually get about 21 hours around this time.