i am dying to have some fun. like crazy insane can't stop smiling and laughing 'til my stomach hurts fun.

i bought dave chappelle's block party yesterday and have watched it three times since last evening. jill scott's performance brought me to tears...all three times. she's an amazing woman. i loved her performance of 'you got me' with erykah too. when i get home i'll watch it again!

love love.


kellz said...

dear lady butta fly,

hey, lady!! i feel you on the jill scott performance. have you ever seen the $2 MTV performance of her doing the same thing in concert with the roots? that was even more intense!! this MTV performance gave me goosebumps!! i need to get the dvd too so i can just have a marathon like you. i checked your myspace page too! exciting...
i'm on it too!

holla when time permits,

Nik said...

that movie had me bobbing my head in the theater. i love it for its documentary feel.

funchilde said...

i gotta check that out! i saw erykah and jill (and queen latifah and floetry) last year in charlotte at the sugarwater festival, and while they were all entertaining, erykah and jill blew the house down!