okay, so i went to the bead and fiber arts festival and i was kinda sad to see it was more beads than fiber arts. i think i saw 3 booths that sold fiber related things. otha than that it was all beads. i was really looking forward to seeing some weaving and spinning demonstrations. oh well, i will keep praying that i meet someone that can show me how to spin.

i finished my shoulder warmer today and i'm still unsure about it. i think i just need to block it and add a drawstring. i also think my pregnant belly is throwing off the look of it. lol. i don't know. i'm going to keep working with it.

i also finished knitting the yoke on my lopi sweater. what's left is the sewing and cutting of the steeks, the button/hole bands, and sewing the bands on. i didn't realize how much work went into making these sweaters (well, the cardigans). i'm very proud of myself and i think this is the best work i've done so far.

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