fiber arts fair this weekend! woohoo!

i can b such a space cadet sometimes. i didn't buy all of my lopi yarn like i originally thought. so the last 3 skeins i needed were never in my home, but waiting for me in the yarn store's stock room. duh jackie! i checked the stock room 2 weeks ago and didn't see it, so that's when the panic set in. i'm so happy i get to finish my sweater now. last nite's class consisted of everybody watching one brave woman sew up her steeks and cut her sweater. cutting that puppy seems a lil stressful. our last class is in two weeks. i plan on having the yoke of my sweater done, steeks sewn, and sweater cut (w/ a lil supervision).

my poncho/capelet/shoulder warmer thingy is almost done. i was unsure about how it'd turn out, let alone fit but i'm feeling betta about it. i'd like to wear it this saturday nite...weather permitting.

next project...a halter/tube top thingy for my girl neisha. i think i may make one for myself and alter it a bit to allow room for my pregnant belly. i think it'd b cute.

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