do u ever have those days where none of ur knitting projects turn out right? this weekend was like that. i successfully finished my noro hat. i showed my moms and she instantly started critiquing (sp?) it. "these stripes need to b lined up. u need to fix that and the pucker @ the top." *frown* i made the hat on straight needles and sewed it up using the mattress stitch. i don't care if the stripes aren't lined up. the hat is mine. i do agree however, that the pucker needs to b fixed. i just don't have to energy to pull that sucker apart to fix it. laziness? yes and i really don't care @ the moment.

my lopi sweater has become a disaster. while watching the roy jones fight on saturday, i spent 1 hour trying to figure out how to switch to my size 11 needle, cast on 5 stitches, and start the color work. it was hell and i was really frustrated w/ it. then once i started going on it, i got to the third row of my color work and realized i was short 2 stitches. fuck! i know that this can easily b fixed. but the pattern in itself is a lil confusing and i'll have to b in the right frame of mind to backtrack. it really does pay to count ur stitches beforehand. i always seem to forget that. class is tomorrow and we're supposed to have the whole body done. i'm not even going.

what else went wrong? my cute baby sweater has to ripped out once again. i had started shaping the neck b4 i got stuck. then i realized that the needles i was using were too big. thus making the sweater really big. i'm disgusted. damn those uk instructions. arggghhh! i feel like this will never get done.

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