i got pulled over this morning by the finest piece of tall chocolate i have seen in a long while.

the whole situation was funny to me...after i dropped lil miss off at the sitter's, i was cruisin through the neighborhood feeling GOOD. the sun was shining, it was already 60 degrees (this was 8am), and i was looking and feeling really cute. sizzla was blasting in the ride and i was groovin'........and going about 60 mph on a 30 mph street. it wasn't intentional. i just have a lead foot sometimes when i'm driving (i need a freeway or two in my life-or maybe i should get into race car driving). while i'm groovin', i see the unmarked police car chillin on the side of the road. man, me and dude were looking right at each other (with our sunglasses on). as i got closer to him i was like "oh snap!" "he's going to pull me over." sho' nuff he did. he didn't even pull out of his spot right away. he just flashed his lights and that was that. all i could do was laugh. i knew i was speeding (not that much though, honestly). when he came to my window i had my license and registration ready. i greeted him with one of my big smiles and said, "good morning".

he was really nice (those lips...my goodness those lips!). he probably thought i was the biggest goof. i'm thankful because he gave me a warning on the speed. however, he didn't let me off completely because didn't have my insurance card handy (i know i have because i saw it in my purse the other day). so i did get a ticket for that. $110 is sooooo much better than $230, ya think? anyway, i thanked him and slooooooowly drove off.

my day was great after that. how was yours?


Celtic Knitter said...

Oh, the ticket prices are the same in Canada, interesting. We got pulled over the other day too . . . only instead it was an old white dude, who was not very nice at all!! $220 was our fine because my partner forgot to bring his license. What a goof!!

My day today is good!!

SunshineMama said...

What?! No digits??? Okay, okay...but hell yes, $110 is better than $230. Maybe that was better than the digits. ;)

angel said...

here via nakachi's blog -- this is so funny. and the question is: did you catch a rear view? i'm sure if the lips were that tasty looking the rear couldn't have been too far off. LOL.

$110 is much better than $230 -- that leaves room for much more yarn.