i have been wanting to post something, but so much has been going on in my personal life that i haven't been able to think straight.

i just know that i'm tired of being tired. getting up in the morning is such a chore. i would rather stay within the comfort of my bed, than to go out into the world. i'm fighting that feeling though. i'm doing my best not to become a hermit.

creatively, i'm stuck. i want so badly to get my business of the ground again, but i am not inspired to make anything. maybe i'm done and b-flywears is a thing of the past. and maybe this is a cue for me to try something different. i don't know.

i have been trying my hand at gardening. i'm growing some herbs and various flowers the kids picked out. and i'm reading too...a lot.

i gotta find some sort of peace. clarity. i'm so not focused right now and it's killing me.

oh i forgot to mention...through all of the mess, i have been going to the gym faithfully. i've lost 8 lbs. so far and my arms are getting toned (biceps baby!). it's been slow moving, but i am noticing a difference in my body.

more later...


Celtic Knitter said...

Gardening is a wonderful way to rekindle your spirit and to remain creative. I really enjoy my garden . . . I hope you enjoy yours!!

Also, congratulations on the gym!! I've never been able to motivate myself to do that .. . so I am envious!

Sara said...

You go girl. I've felt that way at times in my life. It will pass.

Take Care,