okay, this is my newest project. making hats on straight needles. i actually enjoy this more than making hats on circulars. i'm still experimenting. this hat is really big. i can see a very beautiful dreadlocked man wearing it *smile*. and while i'm in new york, i'm going to b looking for one (i'm sure he wouldn't b too hard to find in ny). my otha project: mittens! this one is going to babygirl. she's going to have a lot knitted wears this winter. my sweater isn't finished. and u know what? i'm not stressin over it. i think i've done enough of that for the last month (i barely made 5 hats). i just wanna have fun on my trip. if i happen to sell sumthin, cool. if not, then that's cool too. just get me outta alaska for a minute. hopefully, the weather will b nicer in ny than it is here. this has got to b the rainiest (sp?) autumn i've ever experienced.

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