frustration is the word for the day. i missed the last "sweater workshop" class (i was in ny). so this week, i've been playing catch up. we are now making our sweater. i decided to make one for babygirl since i can't find any sweater patterns for her size. i figured out the gauge, bought my needle, got the yarn and began work on the ribbing when i notice i'm short a stitch (cast on stitches were 149 instead of 150). so it ripped it all out. today @ lunch, i started over. the cast on sts were all there, but somehow i twisted my stitches when i joined the round. *frown* so now, i have to rip out my work again (well, one row). class is tomorrow by the way. i hope i can get all of the ribbing plus 3 inches of the body done. i don't like being behind. i've got two knit hats going. babygirl's sock still needs to b finished. her mitten needs to b made. thinkin 'bout starting anutha hat. lol. i want to buy some eyelash yarn. berroco's lazer fx has had my eye for some time now. left over chinese food awaits. good day.

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