i've got so much to look forward to.

after a lot of agonizing, i've decided to leave my job. the thought of pursuing bflywears full-time had been eating away at me so i figured i should give it a shot. i'm very glad i made the decision to do it. all of the stress i've been experiencing the last couple of years disappeared the moment i gave my boss my resignation letter.

i'm proud of myself for standing my ground (my folks were not happy) because quite a few ppl have expressed their concern for me and my children's well being. most ppl think i'm completely out of my mind. that's okay because i know deep in my heart that leaving is the right decision. that's all that really matters.


i have gotten the spinning wheel out again. i'm determined to get the hang of it. i had someone look at it today because something seemed to be wrong with the wheel. thank goodness it was fine. so now i gotta get my hand and feet coordination in sync. right now, it's just not together.

i'm thankful for my family and friends.
be blessed.

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Laura Charles said...

That is a courageous decision. I wish you much success sis.