listening to: knock 'em out.lily allen

can you believe how fast the months are flying by?! i can't. every year the months fly by and i always seem to forget that i don't care for the month of march. why? because this town is still covered in snow and ice and it's usually hella cold. it used to drive me crazy when i was younger to watch mtv's spring break and see all the kids dancing on a beach, in their swimsuits.

one thing i am loving though is all the extra sunlight we've been getting. i love the sun!! i seem to forget that too.

there's two weeks until my event. can i just say that i'm a little stressed? when i do these events, i always wonder if i have enough merchandise and if ppl will like my stuff. it always turns out okay in the end though. i gotta chill out!

since it's been so cold lately, i made a pot of soup. it turned out great. i think i'm going to be making soups a lot more.

i have finished a pair of socks that's been sitting for 3 years. i am now working on the broadripple socks from knitty.

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