time sure does fly. i'm still trying to get back into the blogging swing of things. check out some stuff i've been working on:

i call them honey and lola. i had bought a lot of noro's big kureyon to make a sweater with, but i couldn't get the pattern to work. so out of frustration i gave up and was left with 14 skeins. i got the idea to make bags with different stitches and play on different shapes and sizes. six are made so far and ppl have been really excited about them. i'm hoping they do well at the fair.

fair? fair you say? yes, i will have a booth at the girdwood forest fair. i look forward to the clean mountain air, great ppl, and awesome food/music. it's my little getaway from the "big" city.

look what i got recently:

a friend of mine is going away to graduate school and is getting rid of everything she can't take with her. SCORE!! i was so exicted. i'm still excited, but i don't have a clue on how to use it. it came with books, but reading it is like reading greek. i'm determined to figure it out. i will spin some yarn. i can't be a yarn fiend and not make the stuff too. *smile*


nakachi said...

score, indeed! you learn how to use that wheel, girl. that's some serious empowerment right there. can you imagine the creative goddess you will be when you are not only make your own clothes but spinning your own yarn!? don't even get me started. i have a drop spindle but have been too much of a busy procrastinator to figure out how to use it. don't be like me! ;)

Queen T said...

i love Love LOve LOVe LOVE the loopy purse...very kawaii...